The Prisoner of Parkinson. Sexual deviances 

Drugs are related to sexual reactions. The idea started from german and italian studies. The italian experience is into the theory named as The Prisoner of Parkinson.

The patients are all suffering from Parkinson.

The tendency is to examine more long term diseases. The german research links the sexual life with drugs in a different way. Indeed in Germany the study is carried out by a doctor, while in Italy by a sociologist. The two researches obviously meet in a common stone. It remains a different point of view in the italian study.


Milton Erikson was a big research worker. He lived between 1901 and 1980. He suffered a lot from many diseases. He was a doctor, a sociologist and a psychoanalyst. In his suffered life, he made some important discoveries. I would like to mention two of them. The PNL was studied to give back life to american Vietnam prisoners. The Linguistic Neuro Programation, even in the military sociology, is a linguistic process to open a dialogue in a closed mind.

The second big step left by Erikson is the passage from sick person to patient. Thanks to Erikson, the patient is a specific person who is not a “ill human being”. It was and it is still a revolution. From this on the drug market has to adjust. In easier words, a perfect medicine for a body, could not work in the same way for another person. As a researcher and as a citizen I will never stop saying thanks to Prof. Milton Erikson.

The Prisoner of Parkinson starts from the setting given by Prof. Milton Erikson.

From this idea there is no more the “seek person”, but a human being with a behaviour. The sociological theory on Parkinson is not interested in the drug aspect which could lead to unwanted behaviour. I explain myself better. The long term use of a drug could change the character. I firmly beleive it! This behavioral change could also affect the sexual globe. It means to wish to let free the inhibitions and have a different sexual life. The german colleagues are working on the bond between medicine world and drug globe.

The italian area of study DOES NOT ANALYZE THE LINK BETWEEN THE MEDICAL WORLD AND THE PHARMACOLOGICAL ONE, in the case of a medicine intoxication. In the Prisoner of Parkinson the focus is different. Why the partner is ashamed to receive NEW NEEDS FROM THE SPOUSE? From here begins the sociological view of the study. When the illness arrives, the patients usually have spent many years of couple life. Even after 25-30 years the partner is shocked for the spouse new needs. This problem has been seen in a general area, but also in the sexual life. This is the center of the research, all the sexual deviances set up by the disease.