The Secession of the successful man

This is the sacrifice that the wealthy class makes in leading society with innovation and ideas, which turn to the private sector. Richard Sennett had already anticipated this in the seventies with his book (Return to Private).

Since then many studies have been conducted on the phenomenon till the crystallisation of the concept by Robert Reich in The Work of Nation. Why does the proletariat bourgeoisie in the globalised era not participate in the public sphere? Bauman in Community. Seeking Safety in an Insecure World comments: Today, this has become the ideology of the dominant culture (..) The detached attitude, affirmed by Pountain and Robins “is usurping the ethic of work and imposing itself like the fundamental of the advanced concept of consumerism”. Detachment means flight from feelings, from chaos to relationships, finding refuge in momentary relationships, quick divorce, non-possessive relationships.

This concept recalls a fundamental notion: Immaturity. Globalisation, but even before the 80’s, with the crisis of the education system, in all the West, have created generations educated with emotions rather than reason.

This impoverishment of the capacity to produce ideas, which manifest itself from abandoning books for technology, has produced a mental sleep which produced a retirement in the private sector. Thinking about it, has the subprime crisis it not derived from those who studied but did not understand?