5 04, 2014

The secession. Considerazioni e idee dal Prof. Carlini

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The Secession of the successful man This is the sacrifice that the wealthy class makes in leading society with innovation and ideas, which turn to the private sector. Richard Sennett had already anticipated this in the seventies with his book (Return to Private).Since then many studies have been conducted on the phenomenon till the crystallisation of the concept by Robert Reich in The Work of Nation. Why does the proletariat bourgeoisie in the globalised era not participate in the public sphere? Bauman in Community. Seeking Safety in an Insecure World comments: Today, this has become the ideology of [...]

5 04, 2014

ZYGMUNT BAUMAN, analysis of book “Liquid Life”

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Zygmunt Bauman “Liquid Life” by Giovanni Carlini Searching for who understands and can explain what is occurring in these last few years, some answers come from Zygmunt Bauman. In Liquid Life, the focus is on some simple but profound aspects which aid in understanding what we are doing.a) Until a few decades ago we had a solid world, the one of production, where there were goods “Made in Italy” or “Made in Germany”. In this world, those who finished schooling found work. We were not rich, but we were wealthy (even though in proportion we were richer [...]

5 04, 2014

Community: Seeking Safety in an Insecure World

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ZYGMUNT BAUMAN: Community by Giovanni Carlini Paraphrasing Ulrich Beck (society of risk), we seek individual safety to problems which objectively are in common with many people/ That is due to the fact that we are alone, without a community to guide us. Analysing the concept of community:- It offers security, but also requires the limit of absolute fidelity- As in a family, children, who until before puberty they believe without doubts whatever their parents say, and including themselves in a family nucleus, forming a community in its concept and actuation. However, when they start rebelling, for instance [...]

15 05, 2012

Delocalizzazione indiscriminata. Prof Carlini

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La delocalizzazione rappresenta il vero cancro della globalizzazione perchè ha colpito il concetto di stabilità lavorativa nella società occidentale (da cui ben 42% di divorzi e separazioni tra le coppie sposate) La delocalizzazione è un processo all'interno dei fonemi di globalizzazione che consente alle imprese di ricercare il costo del lavoro più basso per produrre beni da re-importare in occidente, lucrando sulla differenza. I tentativi d'allargare il mercato di consumo dei paesi che ospitano le imprese occidentali emigrate (quelle delocalizzate), appunto i BRICS, sono falliti perchè non considerato 2 aspetti: la diversità politica e quella culturale. In [...]

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