The Parkinson Prisoner in American Universities

By Giovanni Carlini

In the academic and research field, here in the United States, the neurological, medical and sociological care to Parkinson’s, in terms of The Parkinson Prisoner, is opening up new scenarios for studies.

This is because the US universities are in constant competition with each other in the research and development of new and more aggressive arguments to study, the sociological theory related to The Parkinson Prisoner theory has just opened a field of research inbetween sociology and neurology for the benefit of civilization in the relationship between medicine and patient.

It is a new opportunity that was already adaptated on other topics in the past, which returns now in a new field.

Beyond the value of this theory for scientific research and the involvement of students as the sick part (ex patients that today areprisoners and decided to react to the disease) sociological theory to Parkinson it is realized in the following steps:

  • stop being ashamed of being sick;
  • show the partners to the new needs that the disease brings;
  • educating the partners to find a new balance between chance and necessity;
  • restructuring the amount of time between things made by distinguishing through people with Parkinson’s and those who are in trouble with this physical limitation;
  • find the strength to move from the stage of the patient (lonely, angry, envious, ashamed) to the level of the prisoner from Parkinson (responsive and socially evolved) thanks to the community (virtual and real) which brings out the best personal and innate abilities of the prisoner for example painting, singing, drawing, photography, good humor, reading and studing;
  • by following this theory on the Parkinson we can think of a society where people with limitations find the way to react strongly and fight in order to reach a better life;
  • we need to save sexuality inside the couple, it must not be anymore only physical, but an intimate communication. When you eat, breathe and think to every moment, it gets wise and healthy every day that you caress and re-born with curiosity. This treatment applied to the human behavior, as well as rehabilitate the sexuality as a means of communication, you can accurately hit the nervous system, where it was already hurt by the disease. It remains one of the key steps of the whole sociological theory to Parkinson rehabilitation;
  • we need to check the drugs protocol to avoid a damage in the quality of life of the patient. On this issue it is useful an evolution that allows the final transit from ill patient (already studied by prof. Erickson) to the nowadays prisoner;
  • to encourage this process we need to open an academic research that must not make the mistake already done in Italy where the assistance comes from “behind the desk”, but instead is being near the prisoners and live with them and teach them to live together with dignity;
  • we can show and exploit a different sensitivity to students of medicine and sociology for a better world.

Let us hope for a good job in The Parkinson Prisoner into a new Pain sociology.

The Parkinson Prisoner theory into Pain sociology asset is the future.