Turkish survey

It is very important and difficult to speak about Turkey this 2016 summer.  It is important because it can change the EU economic situation. It is difficult because nothing is predictable.

Brexit, terrorism and the Turkey case are all leading to the EU crisis.

Europeans governments are not able to go from an EU1 to an EU2. The turkish instability is destroying all the EU economics possibilities. Italy has already received a bad influence from the Egypt and has lost the Libya a former italian colony. The current situation in Turkey is cutting out our nation from the Oriental Mediterranean. Here you go the details of the european and italian crisis in progress. Turkey Survey becomes a very important tool to understand and to act.

Each firm has to read the Turkey Survey and has to write a Turkey Survey on its own. The intarnationalization imposes the knowledge of foreign markets. All the surveys written here (are the results of many years of experience and hard work) show the right path to follow. The experience has also formed on 88 stays abroad.

Speaking in the details for the Turkey Survey, what happened is not a big surprise, but the most shocking aspect is that nobody has expected it. Everyone knows that Turkey is not a democracy, but no one says it aloud. Is it safe do business with a dictatorship? If you do business with Russia, why not with Turkey? The same thought was for the Libyan dictator. It is clear that you can do business with non-democratic countries (Libya, Russia and Turkey), but the chance to run back home is extremely high.

Do you know what are the republics of bananas? So having risked in Turkey is understandable, not having told the risk has been a big mistake. Turkey Survey has the purpose to explain and to alert all the europeans firms.