Ukraine Survey from prof. Giovanni Carlini, corrispondente estero.

The internationalization is a basic process to assure the future to any small Italian firm. Ukraine is considered in any internationalization process. Generally each internationalization process asks 70 countries surveys and Ukraine is included. The marketing specialist (an external consultant firm) job is to study 70 countries in 3 months. He usually draws up a survey like the one written here. The Ukraine survey is always actual and it has to be done for every single country. It is very important that the reader does not stop at the date of the survey and at the facts showed in the survey, but it is extremely essential that the reader is focused on the subject.

The start takes place in those ideas able to complete the internationalization process. Ukraine is a country not very developed and is living a big crisis. It is spelt Ukraine, but it is called Eastern Europe. We all have to be positive. It is fundamental to set into the market now, so we all have invest immediately in Ukraine to gain a good growth in 2020. Ukraine has to find its own path away from the Russian power. Following this view, it is clear to have a bright potential lighthouse in the darkness in the next future. It is important not to forget that the politics drives the economy system and not viceversa and Ukraine is in a better position than the close Russia.

Ukraine survey is the key to follow in each internationalization process independently from the date of release and of the facts included in the survey.

In this moment (july 20th 2016) a famous Ukrainian journalist has exploded in his car, this sad event confirms the real drama experienced in Ukraine and the importance of this country for the Europe.

Dossier Ucraina ENG PDF
Dossier Ucraina ENG PDF
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