Turkey in Europe is not a good idea! They must also consider the cultural aspects in the globalization

Turkey in Europe? It would be an statement. There is an enormous cultural difference between Europe and Turkey.

No one usually consider the cultural aspect which is extremely important because it is the base of the reality. The economic scenario is not sufficient. This arguments have been explained at the 53° FIDEN conference in Istanbul. The audience, formed by Italia entrepreneurs, was very interested and surprised by the strong frankness.

Europe and Turkey does have a common political system and neither the same religion, so different legislative word. What would be the point of having an Islamic country in a Catholic Europe? The economic collaboration does not lead to a cultural integration. Why is there a big pressure to let Turkey enter?
The motivations are easy. La superficialità indotta dalla globalizzazione porta a considerare unilateralmente solo alcuni aspetti. Going into details just the economics datas. For having a 360° view we need strong entrepreneurs culturally moved. We do not have them. At the moment there is not a businessmen class that fits the globalization. The absence of an industrial chief brings to the crisis of the globalized word.

Next elections in Turkey seeks to turn this country into a dictatorship. This is another example that shows how it is impossible for Turkey to enter in Europe.

Recent journalists, intellectuals and teachers arrests confirm that Islam is not democratic. We still have to find a democratic path to this religion. Turkey in Europe will not be possible until they will not solve these problems. Europe has not been able to develop a helping policy to the democratic Turkey side. Europe as Turkey has a crisis of identity. When can we appreciate a foreign European policy perfect for the real Europe?