Spiegando alla stampa estera il caso dell’On. Silvio Berlusconi. The fake Conviction. By Giovanni Carlini

Spiegando alla stampa estera il caso dell’On. Silvio Berlusconi. Listening carefully to the American television commentaries, on the definitive conviction of The Hon. Silvio Berlusconi. I have become aware that some fundamental aspects are not known.

Probably the ex-prime minister has evaded taxes, but this conviction is the fruit of a class of politicized judges. This no one understands.

Differently from other countries, Italian judged are ruled by their own “superior council”, which members are elected by declaring their political status.

Essentially, there is no “school for judges”, that teaches new lawyers how to administer disputes. Instead, a law graduate has to pass a test and spend two years observing judgements. From their first day, they then have the possibility to talk about their political ideology. This is against the impartiality that a judge should have.

Would someone from a right wing party want a left wing judge?

In Italy, without a specific reason, the majority of judges and other state dependants (eg. teachers) are left wing orientated. It is without surprise that Silvio Berlusconi has received more than 300 inspections form the tax office and various trials.

In a land where everything is so compromised. Where the reform of the justice system is the only chance to balance, always in control by left wing forces. Those parties that without a political program have always gone against Berlusconi. What do convictions mean?

Questo testo, “spiegando alla stampa estera il caso dell’On Silvio Berlusconi” è stato inviato a tutte le Redazioni d’America. Alcuni giornali lo hanno pubblicato altri no.

Putroppo va rilevato come “la stampa”, in tutto il mondo NON voglia tanto narrare i fatti come invece interpretarli. Questo attivismo del giornalismo lo uccide togliendogli credibilità. Peccato.

A questo punto il dubbio: siamo alla fine del giornalismo come servizio alla società? Nasce da queste parole la critica all’attuale standard di stampa che va cambiato.