Brexit and Trump are the expressions of a new world. What a pity nobody understands it.

I am shocked in reading a copy of the business daily journal Il Sole 24Ore. It bothers the telling and the structure of the article. Going into details: USA has gained 45 thousand new jobs in may (people are expecting 150 thousand), but the interest rates do not rise.  This is understandable. The cost of new investments does not go up. The article continues on the financial aspect. For financial people it is not a drama if the interest rate rises in the next future, so the problem is not the high unemployment, but the effects of the interest rates on the stock exchange.

This cynicism because of the globalization can not continue. No one is interested in the pain caused by the unemployment.

Nobody has not been able to link the employment instability with the precariousness in the relationships. The level of  divorces and splits up grows with a high unemployment. We are having, right now, 62% of divorces and approximately a 60% of splits up. Spilts up are for unmarried couples.

This is the situation. Going to the solutions. Brexit and Trump are representing a reaction still not well coordinated. An answer is given immediately to the problem. What does Donald Trump want, the future president of the United States? It is difficult to understand it because there is not a political program.

What does the Brexit tell us? Also in this case nobody knows perfectly well all the consequences.

One aspect is sure. Trump and the Brexit are breaking a world which is not working. The globalization does not work. The EU does not work. Italy does not work with a prime minister non-elected (italian golpe). The economy does not work. So, even love does not work. Too many apects do not work.

It is unbelievable how the democratic press (Sole 24 Ore, Repubblica, Corriere and others) are so worried to maintain what is not working. Today, the republican people fix the situation. This is a big political change. There is the need, above all, of a humanization of the individual life. A jobless human is a defeat for the modern economy. This is the cry of alarm. All the rest: the EU, the globalization and other aspects can disappear.

Thank you Brexit, thank you Trump.